Save the trees, switch to online

Here comes the end... of the printed newspapers that is, not the end of the world, but you can still find the newspaper online just head over to the school website and click the link!

Bailey Bonner

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     With the end of the school year coming to a close we won’t just be sending off the seniors, we are also saying goodbye to the printed issues of The Gusher newspaper. During this last year, the newspaper was introduced to the extraordinary new avenue of the internet. While it’s probably not that exciting for some students, many of the staff appreciated the change. The switch was caused by the journalism class wanting to get more readers for their articles. Many think the goal has been accomplished so for this next 2019-2020 school year the newspaper will be exclusively online.

     The online newspaper has already gotten some very positive reviews. So far many of the staff have found that they like the online version a lot and that it has been more accessible than the regular printed version and the students who have read it are saying similar things.

Hannah VanTassel said, “Online is interesting and the probability of it being read will also increase. There are pros and cons for both, but online will probably have more interest.” She found that she liked the online newspaper a little more than the regular printed copy as it was more accessible to her.

     Another student, Sophie Wille, said, “I personally like having the physical printed newspaper because it is traditional, but I hope that in having the online presence more people will read.” And that is exactly what the journalism class hopes to accomplish with this new step.

     The newspaper staff has always tried to discuss different issues that trouble the lives of students here at NC both inside and outside of the school and they hope to increase the popularity of the newspaper even more with the switch to online. The switch will also benefit the journalism class as well because it will save them money that would otherwise go towards the yearbook as well as the amount of time that goes into each issue.

     Ms. Gray, the teacher for journalism, said, “We only print about 500 copies for each issue and it is about $427 for each newspaper issue.” This means that about $2,562 alone went into the printed newspaper this year whereas the online newspaper will only cost about $300. The journalism students have to raise all of the funding for the yearbook as well as the newspaper by themselves, and switching to online will save them money and help relieve some stress caused by the need to find the funds. This means they can put more effort into writing articles and creating the yearbook for all of you to enjoy.

     Having the newspaper exclusively online will also make many of the stories told more relevant. The process allows for journalism students to directly put their articles online rather than having to wait for the issue to come back from the printer which can take approximately four days. This will allow for the articles to be more relevant.