Teacher to local business owner

Maggie King’s ingenious plans for her future here in Casper, building her own business from the ground up.

Destiny Kathriner

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     As far as multitasking goes, Maggie King is one of the best around. On top of being a full time culinary arts teacher, she also raised her kids full time. King has also built her own business, “Grab ‘n Go Gourmet” from the ground up.

     King has helped in multiple charities and will continue to do so for as long as she can. One of the charities is a sponsorship program where every 25 dollars donated feeds a family of six that lives in or around Casper with a full meal of their choosing. A Company called “True Industry’s” buys 20 free meal plans (enough to feed 20 families) at a time roughly every two months.

     There is another company that does the exact thing except it would prefer to remain anonymous. The second charity is just Mrs. King donating 25 dollars to any auction that her restaurant, Grab ‘n Go Gourmet can. Mrs. King said that one time they donated a 25 dollar gift card and it sold for 200 dollars in an auction. All other money goes to children and people too financially unstable to afford their own food.

      Maggie King had worked at NC for seven years teaching culinary class after culinary class; each full of students eager to learn what they could from her. Although she was happy here at NC, she felt that she could, and should be accomplishing more than she was. Maggie King went on to bigger and better things helping those that she and her crew can. King explained that she has five people -including herself- working in her restaurant, and three of those are some of her past students, helping her make differences in the communities. Next year, King will be introducing her 2 oldest sons making it a family and community business as well.

     Maggie would like the let all of her past students, still attending and already graduated, that everyone is always welcome to stop by her store and say hello. Mrs. King also has some of her own inspirational words to share.

     “Oh I’d have to say some inspirational stuff like ‘Dream big, reach for the stars’ all of that kind of stuff.” She would also like to say she is very proud of all of you.

     Students like to go to Grab ‘n Go Gourment because the food is fresh, delicious and the restaurant is close to campus. All kinds of appetites can be satisfied from hummus snacks to sandwiches and soups. Most students enjoy the homemade chicken strips, freshley cooked and precisely spiced.