Diversity Club helps NC’s students open up

Connor Vosbein

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    Life can be hard without someone to talk to. This can be for a variety of reasons: it could be that people may have a hard time finding and making friends, or they may be judged for their choices in life such as their appearance, the clothing they wear, and the brands they choose. There are many different races; some of which are more easily targeted for bullying due to many stereotypes that exist. People can be cruel to each other; they can use offensive names and other hurtful words.

     People need to talk to others that understand or are at least willing to try. This is why Diversity Club is such an important club.  The club meets in room 1001 on Tuesdays during both lunchs. The sponsor is Mr. Crabb. The club helps people talk about their feelings and open up in a safe environment. The club’s main focus is to insure that every person in NC has their humanity and human rights protected and supported. Both upperclassmen and freshman go to the club during their lunches, freshmen more so than upperclassmen. Mr.Crabb said “I believe they (members of the club) finally found a place they could go and be safe.” The freshmen prefer to express their emotions through art and writing rather than just talking about their life and their problems.

     In an interview Mr.Crabb said “Our youth are very bright, I believe that’s been the case for quite awhile now.” Diversity Club tends to partner with many other organizations and groups of people that share the same message of  “We are All Humans” as the club. Mr. Crabb would like to give a big shout to the supporting staff here at NC including Mr. Trohkimoinen, Mr.Schneider and Mr.Orr. The club is always open for anyone who wishes to participate in the club or become a member. The only requirement is that people see others as humans first, and their differences second.