The students who cry wolf

Fake or not the consequences of reporting a school threat are real.

Kyra Lewallen

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     Teenage students find quite a few things funny, but something like a fake school threat really isn’t. Social media is making it super easy for people to say the wrong thing by sending a snap or making a post; all it takes is a click. Even though something like this might be considered a joke, making a fake school threat is extremely dangerous not only for other people, but for the person who makes the false threat. A serious act deserves a serious consequence. An action like a false school threat is so serious that it could end up landing students in 15 years of jail and a 10,000 dollar fine on top of  their jail time.

     Joke or not, a threat affects not only students, but it affects simple things like a regular school day. According to school safety it takes many hours and tax dollars just to search a location. Although it isn’t known for certain how many fake school threats occur at NC, it is known that 3,659 schools nationwide have received information on an incident or a school threat in America (Educators school safety network).

     Making a school threat can impact a person’s life forever. School threats are becoming such a problem that when students make a threat they can be charged as an adult even if they are not eighteen. School threats aren’t a joke and no one should convince themselves otherwise.

     Students risk getting in serious trouble by making a school threat so why do they do it? Maybe they think it is a joke, but it is not. A school should be a safe place, but a threat, valid or not,  interferes with that by changing or damaging how other students and staff feel about their school. There is no need to damage a student or staff’s feelings of safety for an invalid threat. The problem is that false school threats keeps arising. Invalid school threats are spreading unnecessary fear, anger and even sadness in the community.

     People need to understand the impact of any threat, to a person, a building or group of people. In order to receive a quality education, educators strive to provide a safe place for students. When that safe place is threatened, students and staff begin to question the safety of their environment. No one can concentrate if there is fear.

     If a perceived threat exists, by all means it should be reported. The safety of students and staff is of utmost importance. But, if threats are made to get out of school, the price to pay will be a heavy one.