Spring Break and what NC students were up to on theirs!

A quick look into the lives of some students here at NC and what they did over their spring breaks.

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     As we have all seen in movies, spring break has always been depicted as the time of year where people head to a warm area, usually a beach, to party for an entire week and get drunk with friends as well as strangers. Now that typically isn’t something that you will find here in Casper, Wyoming as there isn’t a beach anywhere and you won’t really think of this town as a spring breaker’s first choice for a vacation. But beggars can’t be choosers now can they? However, there are many lucky students who go away on vacation during this time, and some even have the opportunity to go out of the country.

     Spring break at NC has always represented the downhill slide to summer that we have all been waiting for since school started up in August. Many people go out of town during their spring break, but there are just as many people who stay home and do stuff around town. There was even a special group who went out of the country this year, some first timers and some who do it every year.

     Almost every year Mr. Underbrink, one of the language teachers here at NC, takes some of his students on a trip to France. One of those students was Karson Potter, a senior, he said, “I was so blessed to have the opportunity to go and explore another country. France is as beautiful as it’s people and culture. I encourage everyone to travel as much as they can to explore and open their minds to new people and experiences.” He, as well as a couple of other students and family members of those students, went to France for a week and came back with a whole list of experiences that were out of this world, or rather, out of this country.

     Another senior, Natalie Plumb, had the opportunity to travel to China over her spring break with her younger sister and father. She said, “I traveled throughout China and saw some amazing sights like the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, and the Terracotta warriors. It was a very insightful trip that allowed me to learn the culture and history of China.” She had the opportunity to go somewhere that not many of us will get to experience, which is amazing.

     Each student who went out of the country this year were very blessed to be able to experience a different culture from the one that they are used to.

     Some students weren’t able to go out of the country for spring break, but were able to go out of town. A couple of those students were Sarah King and Savanna Noel who were able to go to Colorado for the week. Savanna said, “We went down to Colorado and did things that do not exist in Casper such as glow-in-the-dark mini golf, we went to the Denver Zoo and saw the elephants, we played laser tag and then we went to Chick-Fil-A and Panera Bread. We also spent too much money shopping.” They both said that they had an amazing time down there and their spring break was really fun and they can’t wait to do something like that again.

     For those of us like myself who were not able to go anywhere for spring break, that week off is a great time for us to take a break from the chaos that is school as well as other parts of our lives. For Tyler O’Brien, a junior, his spring break was a time to relax, he said, “Spring break is when I get to catch up on sleep.” Many of us will agree with him on that, as for many of us we are all only surviving on our addiction to coffee and the stress that school causes. Sophie Wille was also one of those students that stayed in town over the break and she said, “I loved the opportunity to regroup after third quarter, it was a much needed break.” I’m pretty sure we can all agree with Tyler and Sophie on that.

     Whether you were one of the lucky ones who were able to get out of Casper for a week or even one of the ones that stayed in town for the week, we can all agree that the week of spring break was a needed breather from the stresses of school. Now to continue the countdown until the last day begins and whether that brings you terror or great comfort, school will be ending soon and we should all enjoy it for as long as it lasts because we are only in high school once and then it is off to the real world to start a new journey.