What’s with the white days?

A look into the pros and cons of the 2019-20 class schedule and the concerns it raises among students

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     The new schedule for the 2019-20 school year isn’t finalized, but multiple changes are definitely going to take place. The biggest change of all is the new white days on Fridays where students will go to all eight of their classes for 40 minutes each. In order to make this happen, orange days will be every Monday and Wednesday, and black days will be Tuesdays and Thursdays.

     There could be pros and cons to the new schedule, but there is still a big question, why the change? The main explanation for the change is that NC students need to get more involved in the new building attached to the new Roosevelt building called the PIC. The PIC program is a program that has a bunch of extra curricular and core classes that can’t be offered here at NC. Classes such as certain culinary arts, a nursing and vet program, and even a digital arts room. Another reason for the change is that having all classes three times a week will give teachers more sessions with their students. Even though the classes on Fridays are only 40 minutes this still gives teachers the opportunity to teach their students new lessons and take tests.   

     Another change is tenth through eleventh grade lunch will be adjacent to mustang connections as in past years. The lunch period will not be any longer than it is currently, but high achieving upperclassmen with proficient WYTOPP test scores and passing grades may be excused for mustang connections occasionally which could give them an extended lunch. Having mustang connections next to lunch is also beneficial to busy students who need to schedule appointments during the day. By scheduling appointments and such during M.C./lunch students won’t miss instructional time.

     Many students and staff agree that the new schedule could take some serious getting used to. However, basically every year the schedule has been adjusted at least a little bit so it shouldn’t surprise many students that this year is no different. Kadi Shelton, a senior at NC said that in her four years at NC the schedule has changed three times. Out of all of the schedules she has experienced Shelton said she liked the schedule for the 2017-18 school year best because of having lunch at a decent time. This year lunch for tenth through twelfth graders doesn’t start until 1:15. Shelton said that having it as this time often causes her to “be past the point of hungry where I don’t feel like eating.”  Staff member Cadi Daniels agrees with this as she said, “The only thing that is different (about next year’s schedule) is upperclassmen lunch and I think that’s better.”

     The white days are definitely the most daunting part about next year’s schedule. Tyler Cooper, a freshman, said that he thinks having all classes on Fridays will be more difficult for people who miss Fridays for activities such as speech and debate in his case. Cooper said, “Black and orange days have worked. Why change it?” At the assembly where Mrs. Harris, the head principal, explained the new schedule, Harris thought missing only 40 minutes of a class would be easier for students. Matt Grable said, “Even though the white days might be a good idea I also think that they are gonna be very overwhelming and even stressful.” This is something many other students can relate to. Students and staff alike can agree that one pro to the new schedule with white days is the consistency: Monday and Wednesday always being orange days and Tuesday and Thursday always being black days. Phoebe Anderson said, “I think one con is that it’s kind of annoying to have all 8 classes at the end of the week because you stop caring as much at the end of the week.”

     Jeneen Hill, the scientific research and design teacher, is in favor of next year’s schedule. Hill said that seeing each student three times every week even if once for only 40 minutes will benefit students. “Any opportunity to see them (students) more will be helpful.” What will teachers do with only 40 minutes? Hill said that for her class it will likely be a variety of things such as lessons, reviews, and tests.

     Only time will tell how the schedule for the 2019-20 school year will work for students and staff. However, students should not worry themselves too much over the changes because just as students have done in the past, it is likely everyone will adjust quickly.