Should freshman lunch be closed campus or not?

Face-to-face, a senior and a freshman go head to head over the controversy that is Freshman closed campus.

Bailey Bonner and Tali Wagner

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PRO by Tali Wagner

     Many feel it is unfair that  closed campus is only for freshmen since all grades above that have open campus. Many freshmen don’t like the lunch options or bringing their own lunch. Freshmen would like to enjoy a taco from Taco Johns for lunch as all other grade levels often enjoy. Being a freshman can be difficult so having a break from being at school would be nice.

     Tanner Bower, freshman, said, “I wish we had open campus, it would be nice to just have a break from school. I think a lot of freshmen would agree with me that it’s unfair for us not to have open campus. There are some down-sides of it, but I would love to walk or have my mom take me somewhere for lunch.”

     Most upperclassmen do think that freshmen leaving campus would be bad for them and the school, but if freshmen had the choice it would open up space for other students in the cafeteria. Seating isn’t a major issue, but there are always students who don’t have a place to sit with their friends. Having an open campus during freshman lunch would create a less crowded cafeteria with places for everyone who stays on campus to sit.

     Alexis Waldron, freshman says, “Some freshmen already leave campus without permission, then come back a while later and get away with it. I’m sure teachers know that they do leave. We might as well have open campus since these students aren’t being punished. Everyone would be a lot happier,  too.”

     If freshmen students could leave campus for lunch maybe other students would actually eat lunch. Most freshman don’t eat at all at school because they’d rather leave campus for a meal.

     Kendra Zimmerman, another NC freshman says, “All freshmen would agree that they’d like to leave campus for lunch, or at least have the option. Not everyone enjoys packing a lunch or the school lunch choices. It would be easier if it was available for us freshmen so they didn’t have to keep track of us at lunch.”

     It is proven that the NC freshmen all mostly think that there should be open campus for everyone! Who knows if it will or won’t happen. It’s every freshman’s dream come true to be able to leave campus for a burger and fries.

CON by Bailey Bonner

    The debate on if freshmen should be allowed off campus for lunch has been going on since the beginning of time. Okay, maybe not that long, but it has been going on for a pretty long time. Teachers always give the default reasoning on closed-campus, such as the whole “this is your chance to meet fellow students and make lasting friendships while eating lunch in the cafeteria.” Honestly though, most high schoolers are too socially awkward to just go up to a random table at lunch and just make new friends, if we didn’t do it before, then why would we do it now?

     As freshmen, having to stay on campus while the upperclassman are allowed to leave doesn’t seem fair, but later on you realize that it is a smart move. For one, freshmen are just out of middle school and most are not mature enough to have the responsibility to go off campus for lunch. Now mind you, there are seniors who abuse the privilege of going off campus, but by now most can handle the responsibility.

     Freshmen also do not have jobs. Even if they did have open campus lunch, they would most likely choose to stay because they can’t afford to go out to lunch everyday, upperclassman can’t go to lunch everyday either. Most freshmen don’t have cars either and wouldn’t really be able to go anywhere anyway because they wouldn’t be able to make it there and back before the bell rang. There are maybe two or three places they could go, but you know the whole, “variety is the spice of life” saying, it is definitely true and going to the same places all the time can get boring. Yeah, there is the whole, “but I can just get a ride from someone” argument, but you wouldn’t be able to do it everyday anyway.

     An open-campus for freshmen is a mistake. Freshman year is one of the defining times of our high school lives it and is imperative that we keep freshmen at school to let them experience everything. Sophie Wille, a junior, says, “I appreciate the freshmen closed campus. It gives everyone coming in the experience of being here all day, and I think that is valuable.” Freshman year is the only year that students have to stay on campus for lunch and you should enjoy being at the school and not take the time you have on campus for granted.