January’s circus themed concert took off on time as scheduled

The much anticipated choir concert of NC was incredibly breathtaking to all of the audience members.

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January’s circus themed concert took off on time as scheduled

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     On January 17, 2019, the NC Concert Choir performed their much anticipated concert. Free entry was given to all who came to the show. The show had been completely choreographed months before, and many other preparations had to take place beforehand such as designing t-shirts to be worn the night of the performance. The students decided on red shirts with circus animals, such as elephants, giraffes, seals, and so forth on the front with “ NC circus” on it, and the back said “This is the greatest show.” The shirts looked amazing on all the choir students who put on the concert.

     “Diversity- it translates to school since we had our face painted different ways, and except for the shirts, wearing completely different outfits. It shows what really matters,” said Kass Merrell. Not only did the choir students serve snacks, drinks, and sing, they decorated in a circus theme with streams of red and white fabric draped on the walls and off the bridge.

     “It was an amazing experience to be a part of,” said Tanner Bower. Even with only a few hours for preparations the choir students did very well. By the time the show started they had run out of programs because there were so man people in attendance. Before the students started singing and dancing, they had to get dressed and get their makeup done. Mr. Bryn Catlin agreed to entertain the full audience (a good majority was standing or sitting on each other’s laps) by playing the piano while the students finished final preparations.

     After what seemed like many stressful months of preparations, the concert started with the leading song, “The greatest Show” from the movie “The Greatest Showman.” After the opening song, “Million dreams” was performed in a beautiful blue and purple wash of colors. The students then went on to perform “Never Enough,” and “This Is Me”. The song  “This is Me” was performed with ASL (American Sign Language) as choreography, and had two people in front to help remind the singers which moves were next. Kailyn O’Brien and Alexis Iska lead both classes in front of the audience.

     After that came “Rewrite the Stars,” and finally, to end the show the choir performed “The Greatest Showman,” again but without dance moves. There was a surprising end for the final song when the upper level choir students (those who have moved up from concert choir, like harmony, jazz, etc. ) jumped in at the very last second and finished the concert off as one group.

     “Awesome people from the higher choirs jumped in at the end. It was literally awesome,” said Glory Metcalf.

     All in all it was a great time for the students, the audience, the director and all involved hope that the audience witnessed a lovely concert performed by their fellow students, friends, and even faculty.

     Honorable mentionings for Orange A choir class President Chris Larson and Vice President Destiny Kathriner and for Orange D choir class President Cole Collins,  all of whom helped Mr. Grussendorf  prepare the rest of the students for the concert. It was trying for young adults to control other young adults, but everyone teamed up to make sure everything was done right and on time.

     An anonymous person who attended the concert in the audience (a student here at NC) stated, “As an audience member you could really feel the soul, feel what they were trying to say, was palpable.”