NC Athletes could be swinging at the soft ball

NC athletes swim, shoot, ski, kick and score, but why don’t they swing a bat?

Maddy Frazier

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     NC is known for its football, basketball, volleyball, and more. But what about softball? Several kids at NC have wanted softball as a high school sport to play. Not all schools can fit the time in for the sport or the money after handling several other sports. Adding an athletic activity as softball may do the trick for softball lovers to play, but how would that affect the NC athletes that already are spread a bit to thin to add a sport?

     Dominique Bragg, senior at NC, said, “We can raise money on our own, or do what the football players do with cards, or sell 50/50 raffle tickets. We can even go to Pizza Ranch.” There are many ideas on how a team can fundraise, but it can’t happen without players.

     Bragg said, “ A lot of people would want to play.” Many kids that attend high school play baseball and softball out of school, still managing time for school and pay for it with their own money. So why doesn’t NC have softball, too? There may not be enough room, multiple sports play at once throughout the year making it hard for some athletes to choose between sports that love them all. Adding another sport could mean, that if softball was put in school, a senior that played volleyball all her high school career and softball out of school would have to choose which sport to play in school as she couldn’t do both.

     “The sports at NC give the students a lot of bonding time,” said Bragg. Softball can be bonding in different ways other sports might share. Not everyone that plays sports is in love with playing more than one of them. Someone new to softball might want to give it a shot, too.

     Having softball at NC gives a bigger variety of sports to choose from. The athletes at NC might have a chance to show others that they are good at softball and can play it too. Students also have a better chance at gaining college scholarships for softball if they are able to play for a high school team.

     Bragg said,” I play on Casper Voltage. We practice at North Casper or the Cross Roads.” There are many softball teams in town with different age groups. The teams play in town by the Girls and Boys Club, or by Castle Park. They handle everything by themselves and receive help from their supporters. A school team could fund raise and get help from generous sponsors and businesses just like these club teams so it may not be long until NC has a softball team of it’s own.