The MAC is finally finished

Now that the reconstruction is finally done, students are back in the MAC and on the new indoor track and court.

Tali Wagner, Reporter

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     Students and staff are pleased with how the MAC turned out after, “Seven months of reconstrution,” according to Mrs. Harris. Inside the MAC there is an all new indoor track and a new basketball court. Many other physical attributes made great additions to the new building.

     Brian Olson, a physical education teacher, enjoys the new reconstruction of the MAC. Olson says the most annoying part about the MAC before the reconstruction was, “Not having enough space for all of our PE classes.” What are some benefits of it being done? Olson said, “We can fit everyone in the MAC, serves a lot of kids after school activities and sports, it also serves the community on the weekend. It’s a top notch facility.” Olson said his favorite part about the MAC is, “Everything is now up to date (and) modernized. We also now have technology the works.”

     Shawn Gillum, another PE teacher says, “The most annoying part about the reconstruction is that it took a long time. The new facility is absolutely amazing. There is so much space and so many great attributes about it. My favorite part about it all is definitely the new indoor track; it’s fun to run around on.”

     Shelby Bright, freshman, says, “The new facility looks great, I never really got to see the old MAC, but it (the MAC) is way more modernized than any gym I’ve been in. I just hope students take care of it so we don’t have to have another reconstruction in the future.”

     Many students complained that before the reconstruction there wasn’t much room and not all the classes could fit in the new building, in addition to that students had to go out to the MAC for certain classes making it so that students had to go back and forth for their classes.   

     The new reconstruction makes it easier so all classes like weight training, PE and rec. sports are the only ones in the MAC and all other classes are in the school building. The wait is over and the facility is ready to host a multitude of events.