The Angels of NCHS are Back

Bailey Bonner, Reporter

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     With the holiday season coming to a close, many students and staff don’t realize that there are many kids who didn’t get Christmas this year. While many of us were enjoying the break with our families and opening presents on Christmas day, there were some students who didn’t have that opportunity. There are many students in our school that go without a lot, and it’s not just during the holiday season; it is all of the time. That is why the Jean’s Angel Fund was founded. Their mission statement is: “to assist students who need financial help in order to be able to participate fully in social and academic opportunities.”

     The program is a non-profit that helps students in our school get the financial help they need with things such as: graduation announcements, senior pictures, class fees, activity/athletic expenses, hygiene products, clothing, shoes, backpacks, meals, yearbooks, gas cards, school supplies, etc. Jean’s Angel Fund is funded exclusively by donations from staff, parents, and community members along with fundraisers that happen throughout the year. The organization helps between sixty and eighty students during the holiday season.

     The program is headed by NC’s head librarian, Melissa Henry, who has done everything in her power to help as many students as possible. Mrs. Henry said, “Every year we take care of kids as they need throughout the school year… at Christmas teachers turn in names and we give them [the students] Christmas.” The way the program works is teachers will refer students to the heads of Jean’s Angel Fund and once that referral is made, members of the board will anonymously investigate the referral and then attempt to help that student. Typically each referral takes about 24 hours to investigate and then they begin the process of reaching out and helping them.

     Jean’s Angel Fund is truly a special organization that helps so many students feel as though they have a safe space at school when they may not have felt that way before. Without their assistance many students at NC would not be able to participate and enjoy the social and academic opportunities available to them. The organization doesn’t receive much recognition, but being recognized isn’t what it is all about, it’s about helping those in need. Everyone involved in the program goes above and beyond to make sure that every student feels welcome in this school.