Getting in the WYTOPP spirit

It’s the time of year where freshmen and sophomores take WYTOPP

Tali Wagner, Reporter

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     It is the time of year where WYTOPP is pushed into students’ minds. This is one of the biggest tests of the year for freshmen and sophomores. Many students have bittersweet feelings about the required test. WYTOPP stands for Wyoming Test of Proficiency and Progress. The two tests are Language arts and math. The tests are meant to test students on skills they have learned or are going to learn throughout their academic careers.

     Alexa Yanez, a Freshman at NC said, “I prefer the math test because math is easier than reading. It’s more of a personal thing, but I’ve always been better at math.” When asked if she prefers WYTTOP or PAWS and NWEA  Alexa said, “WYTOPP because NWEA was always such a hassle and it’s a lot easier to just have one test. Especially because it is easier for teachers.”

    Maria Putman, a 9th grader said, “WYTOPP is one of the most stressful times of the year. It’s not very fun to prepare for. I can’t really choose which one (WYTOPP or NWEA and PAWS) I prefer because I’m mediocre at both. I definitely would choose WYTOPP over the other two because one (test) is better than two in this case. WYTOPP is very hard on me and many other students, it’s definitely hard to have it come so quickly.”

      Katelynn Oden, a freshman who has only taken WYTOPP once says, “It’s stressful getting ready for the actual test in the spring. I don’t think many students take the fall and winter test seriously. It would make everything easier if they did take it seriously so everyone can be together on skills in language arts and math. Since it is preparing us for the SAT’s its very important for us, as students to take seriously. I personally think that a paper test was easier than having the test online but since with having PAWS, NWEA came along with it. I can speak for many students that they didn’t enjoy NWEA.”

     Students aren’t the only ones who stress over getting ready for this important test. Teachers rush to prepare their students to succeed in the test. Teachers start preparing their students for the WYTOPP very early in the school year in hopes that NC students’ scores will reflect well on the school. As all the schools compete academically to see which middle school or high school has the highest results from WYTOPP. All the English and math teachers hope their students focus on the test, don’t rush and think thoroughly through all the questions on the test.   

     Is WYTOPP preferred more than PAWS and NWEA? Mrs. Vega, a freshman math teacher at NC said, “I have never had to prepare students for PAWS so I didn’t have any value in that, but I think WYTOPP will be okay once we have a system going. At first it was tough here, but hopefully, we can see some good results from it.” Vega’s opinion that the most stressful part about preparing for WYTOPP was, “teaching the kids how to use the system. It’s a different type of system than we have used before, especially since it’s online and the calculator is a bit difficult to use at first so it’s definitely a process to teach.”

     Jackie O’Briant, 9th English teacher who is new to NC this year, said, “I prefer WYTOPP because I have gotten to work with WDE (Wyoming Department of Education) and I have seen how they align with the common core standards. The test measures things that students should know and do. So I think yes, I prefer WYTOPP.” O’Briant said the most stressful part about WYTOPP was, “Really hoping that my students will take it seriously as I do. We can prepare pretty well with what we do in class, but it’s all up to the students to take it seriously.

The WYTOPP websites states, “For grades 3-10, the WYTOPP summative assessments are online adaptive assessments for math and English language arts. Students in grade 3, 5, 7, and 9 are assessed in writing. Grade 4, 8, and 10 students are also assessed in science. The science assessment is a fixed-form online assessment.”

     Not all students love WYTOPP, but it prepares us for the future and ACT’s. Our teachers spend most of the year preparing us for success.  In order for the scores from the WYTOPP assessments to accurately reflect students’ learning, students must take the test seriously and do their best. Not doing so disregards all the teachers’ and students’ hard work throughout the year.