Recapping winter break

NC Mustangs and Fillies share the highlights of winter break

Phillip Maes, Reporter

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     During Christmas break NC students engaged in many different activities: a lot of students stay inside cuddled up watching movies while others went on trips to some pretty cool places. NCSD’s 2018 winter break lasted from December 20th, 2018 through January 1st, 2019. This gave students and staff 13 days off to do whatever they pleased.

This year Casper didn’t have any major snow storms before Christmas, but that didn’t stop NC’s holiday spirit from showing. NC showed it’s Christmas spirit by selling candy grams for one dollar and setting up Christmas trees in every entrance.

     Many students received some very nice gifts during the break. A sophomore student, Cody Hogan, ended up getting a camera worth over 400 dollars. Cody has  been using it to photograph amazing photos. Another sophomore student interviewed was Jacob Salazar. Salazar said that what he wanted most for Christmas was a Xbox, and he did his best to be good all year by doing a lot of extra chores, getting good grades and being the best person he could be. This Christmas Salazar got the Xbox he wanted and couldn’t be happier about it.

     Some people think that how valuable a gift is to a person depends only on how expensive the gift is, but it’s really the thought that counts. Several students said their favorite gifts were ones that someone made for them. They said just the fact that someone took the time to make something especially for them showed them that they were willing to not just spend money, but to spend time making something that they’d like. Sophomore language arts says during Christmas 2018 some of the most wanted gifts by kids were an iPhone 7,  a projector5, a Playstation VR, airpods, and much more. Christmas is a lot different for kids than adults. Christmas for kids is about getting presents, singing holiday songs, and much more, but for adults, it’s one of the most stressful parts of the year as parents still have to pay bills while purchasing presents, too.

A majority of students interviewed  weren’t very excited about receiving gifts, but giving them. This Christmas a group of students decided to donate to a lot of charities and programs like the Salvation Army and Toys For Tots. Getting a gift is exciting, but some kids say it doesn’t come close to the feeling you get from giving.

     Some students from NC went to David Street Station to the skating rink to watch the lighting up of the tree. It was pretty extravagant; there was probably over 300 people in the Christmas spirit ready to ice skate. This year is the first year Casper has had the opportunity to enjoy an outdoor skating rink. NC had a Christmas assembly on the very last day of school directed by the choir director G (Mr. Grussendorf). The band played Christmas music and the various choirs of NC sang Christmas songs. This helped to get everyone in the Christmas spirit just in time for break.

     The reason we have Christmas break is to give kids time to spend with their family and friends, and it also gives kids the chance to be able to go Christmas shopping. Kids have such a busy schedule and really don’t know how to manage time and the break helps with that, it gives kids a chance to do what they can’t in a normal school day. The downfall of breaks is it allows kids more time to get into trouble with the law and it takes away from the learning that takes place at NC. Other than that there’s really nothing bad about the break, it’s just a relaxing time away from learning.The break allows kids to take a break from learning, taking testd and quizzes. Break also isn’t just for students and breaks allow teachers free days to put together lesson plans, get caught up grading or just enjoy time  off.When teachers get back they have to get ready to get us ready again and that’s a tough job not just for the teachers but for staff as well. They have to get the building back in tip top shape and ready for students.When students come back from breaks they’re typically all riled up, this year it wasn’t too bad, kids were ready to be fully engaged in learning  activities.Breaks vary throughout the world but are usually around the same time. According to the website tripadvisor, 70% of schools use a planned out calendar but the number is dropping in addition private schools and colleges have their own schedules. If schools didn’t have breaks, a lot of kids would be missing for family vacations, family visiting and much more.

        NC’s schedule has 184 days with some small breaks and summer vacation. Most American schools are approximately 180 days according to Journal of Inquiry and Action in Education. In 2012,d lots of studies have shown that schools with more than 180 instructional days out-perform other American schools. But, things like Christmas and Spring break are needed for the mental health of all involved.