Lockers: hassle or helpful?

Are lockers the right combination to success?

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Lockers: hassle or helpful?

Isabella Tillett, Reporter

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      Most of the lockers that exist at the school of NC have been neglected from students’ use. Some freshmen do not even ask for one when they begin the year. How useful are lockers to students who use them? Since lockers are rarely used, would it be more advantageous to students to cut the number of lockers and create bigger ones, or even take out the lockers entirely to create more room for students to have other activities?

     Charlie Streeter, a custodian of NC, said, “Almost 80% to 90% of lockers are not in use.” If only 5-20% of lockers are regularly used why does the school have so many lockers? School staff have stated that the problem simply can’t be solved by taking out all the lockers in the school, but could have  been solved by more careful planning for the design of the school. The current design of school leaves many students unable to use the lockers because of crowds of other students making lockers difficult to access and open. Lilly Willbond is one student who is open about the problems leaving lockers unused.

      Willbond says her main problem with the lockers as a freshman were time, distance and people. “So many times I was late for class simply because I had to get my bag out.” Willbond also explained that each time she tried to open her locker, she was stopped by a stream of of rampant students trying their best to get to class themselves.The more time students have to take in order to get their supplies for class is less time learning in class. The lockers at NC are not only a time consuming thing for students to use, but they’re an unnecessary space in the school. Another problem with the school lockers is that students can use this as an excuse to get out of class and wander the hallways.

     Lockers have been around since the 1970s. Middle schools to high schools all around the world use lockers. Some schools have different opinions about the use of school lockers. Lockers are an advantage due to the free space, as well as the feeling of ownership to the students who put them to good use. While many people enjoy the lockers for holding their things for a long period of time, others dislike them due to the security problems. Damage, as well as theft could be a problem due to no supervision on the teenagers’ lockers. Locker combinations can also create a problem when students are unable to remember their combinations, or if their lockers are malfunctioning. Locker searches can also be a disadvantage of lockers, students can get in trouble for having things they’re not supposed to. This not only puts a student behind academically for missing school from being in trouble, but it gives a school a bad reputation.Studies have shown that $2,400 are invested towards lockers per year.

     Specifically at NC, freshmen are more likely to use the lockers than the other high school students, and even then lockers are not widely used. Lockers were made for holding school bags, and other supplies for students. However, the rule of not having a backpack in class is not in place at NC making lockers largely unnecessary.

     Overall, lockers are beneficial in some cases, and a bigger problem in others. Although lockers are students’ only piece of privacy, and they give students a place to hold all of their belongings, some people like the idea of taking out lockers completely for other things like tables and chairs for students to sit down and work on school work. Due to the lack of use, would taking them out completely be a stretch at schools all around the world?