Learning on the weekends

Saturday School program is helping students thrive in the academic setting and could lead to increased graduation rates

Phoenix Bounds, Reporter

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     NC offers a program known as “Saturday School” where students are given an opportunity to come in on a specified Saturday, and work on any missing assignments that they may have in any given class to improve their grades.

      The purpose of Saturday school is to offer opportunities to help students that are struggling in school subjects. It’s a great opportunity for students to solidify their learning. This program also gives a chance to students who are falling behind to catch up by creating a smaller teacher-to-student ratio. The smaller groups of students allows teachers to get more one-on-one time with the students. This gives the students chances to ask questions to help them better understand the material they are trying to learn.

     The reason most students don’t ask questions during regular class time is most students are afraid their peers will criticize them or make them feel like they’re not as smart because they ask questions. This is simply not the case. Asking questions is a sign of intelligence and a willingness to learn. Another reason students don’t ask questions in big groups could be because they are shy or afraid to talk in big groups. Due to the small group sizes in Saturday school, students who don’t ask questions in class are more than likely to feel comfortable asking their questions and speaking their thoughts. This will help the student accomplish and achieve more in a class they are struggling in.

     The extra help offered in Saturday school is all some students need to get back on track academically. It is clear that Saturday school is helping students become more successful in the classroom setting, which could result in, if utilized correctly, the graduation rates increasing with time. NC’s plan is to help students become more academically successful by giving students more opportunities to get their work done and receive additional help from teachers if needed. The Saturday School program offered at NC is an opportunity for students to get extra help with school work of any kind.

     This program gives students who are falling behind in school, due to a variety of reasons, a chance to get caught up and succeed in all school subjects. Most importantly, Saturday School shows that NC is willing to go the extra mile to help students succeed in the classroom, and that the school is full of teachers who share this dream. All students who are struggling are encouraged to attend Saturday school; it can help many students understand their school work better. There is really no disadvantage.

     With all the positive effects that happen during Saturday School, students should really consider coming to school at that time. It seems crazy to want to go to school on a weekend, but the program has all the tools to be extremely helpful. It very well could help students graduate and become not just more effective students, but possibly more effective members in the classroom, in society and in the workplace.