Jokes written in facts

Is it a joke or facts?

Connor Vosbein, Reporter

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     Very few people know what a joke article is. These are articles that include jokes written in seemingly standard articles that would be seen in any newspaper. It can be confusing to know whether or not certain parts of the articles are serious or not, but by knowing the facts and reading closely, people can find the truth.

     An example would be “the school will have a meeting after school with free food from McDonalds, Burger King and Wendy’s. Wendy and Ronald McDonald will be at the meeting in person handing out their food.” People know that Ronald McDonald and Wendy are icons and mascots, that they are not physically able to hand out food. This is a manner of expression. It helps the article be entertaining and a joke, but seem serious. Even if the article has real information, the part that will be passed around is the memorable idea that Ronald and Wendy will be handing out food.

     By putting some truth in the joke article, it makes the message being delivered seem more accurate and relateable. One reason a newspaper may decide to include a joke article is in the event of a holiday. Joke articles can be incorporated for more than just April Fools’ Day; it could be for any other holiday. There could be a joke article around Christmas; for example, there could be a big sale advertising 25 percent off all toys October first through October 25. Because this sale happens two months before Christmas and even before Thanksgiving, this could be taken as a joke, and a stereotype of people and stores getting ready for Christmas too early. It is widely agreed upon that it is acceptable to start Christmas preparations and festivities the day after Thanksgiving, not before.

     Another reason for a newspaper to include articles with comical, ironic, or non-serious parts is when a newspaper has a specific section dedicated to joke articles. With this arrangement everyone knows that any article in this section is written to contain jokes and are not to be taken completely literally. The articles could be about many different things going on in the area such as if there is a sock store opening the newspaper staff could write an article with light-hearted jokes while still give the facts of the store. For example, “Crazy sock emporium open for business. Store makes custom socks and have daily puppet shows for the kids. They even have a mascot named Sammy Socks shown on their logo.” Now a reader can infer that they really don’t have an actual life-size mascot, they just have an animated sock for their logo.

     Joke articles may not be known by everyone but a senior at NC, named Jeff Willet, gave an example of one of his favorite joke articles, “ The article that  made everyone think 2012 was the end of the world,” said Willet.

     On the other hand, another NC senior, Jae Clark, said “Never heard of them (joke articles).” Although many may not have come across them, articles with non-serious or non-literal statements do exist, and can sometimes be more memorable than serious, fact-based. There could be chances someone does run into a joke article and doesn’t realize it, they believe it.