What do I want to be when I grow up?

Tali Wagner, Reporter

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     My dream job is to be a high school history teacher. It is a very influential career and helps out the community tremendously. I also think that the idea of being able to teach future generations is extremely amazing because they can then pass down the information further down the line. In order to become a teacher, I must complete a bachelor’s degree in history which takes four years of full-time study.

     One thing I would especially love about the job is being able to get important life lessons out to young adults. Our many school history teachers spend lots of time setting out lesson plans. Most of the lessons they teach us about history all have meaning behind them and are meant to teach us common decency and other important things.

     While in an interview with Joshua Propp, he said,  “My favorite part about teaching history is also learning history. I like stories about people and about things and connecting the dots. Since I kind of have that passion, I like sharing those things with people and young adults. When you have a chance to learn about people then share it with people, you get to learn about yourself. It just makes you and your community feel better to know those things. It’s just a cool job to do what you love.”

     Propp said history teachers contribute to the school because, “I think all of our teachers do a great job to help kids out. History teachers specifically do a great job because our subjects can relate to everything. For example, for the stuff you are learning about in PE we can talk about the sport here and the stuff you’re learning in math can relate in here. Everything you’re learning about outside of here has something to do with history.”

     I interviewed Akasha Redwing, asking her why history teachers really help influence our lives and how much they truly help us. Redwing said, “I’ve had so many great history teachers in my history of the school. My 7th grade social studies/history teacher taught me many things about the history of our world but also taught me how to be a good person, that words are extremely powerful and can easily hurt others around you. I’ve taken that to heart ever since. It was truly one of the biggest life lessons I’ve learned.”

     I also asked fellow freshman, Tyler Stockton how he felt about history teachers and what they do for our community. Stockton said, “I’ve always been able to have a good relationship with my history teachers, They usually have a positive attitude about the lessons they teach us. I feel like we need more teachers like that, it would make learning so much more fun.”

     History is only one individual subject, teaching history can qualify you to teach other subjects. Like Propp said,  you can learn about yourself through history so its sort of an eye-opener of what history can do alongside many other subjects.