Exploring the options

Choosing a path to the future

Kyra Lewallen, Reporter

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     The Career Center is a program that partners with students as they explore possibilities, develop skills, and connect with opportunities related to their professional endeavors. The Career Center hosts several career fairs and utilizes Handshake, a job and internship platform, to connect students, alumni, and employers. With the Career Center students can experience the career that interests them. For example, if a student wanted to be a nurse they could be hosted by a nurse and learn about what the life of a nurse is like and if it is right for them. Being hosted by someone in the career students are interested in is an amazing experience that helped kids look forward to future possibilities.

     Jessica Berninzoni and Ti Brooks are two instructors in the Career Center who assist students in exploring careers that interest them. Berninzoni and Brooks explained that the career center is a place that NCHS students can go to get help with, and learn more about important aspects of becoming involved in the workforce such as resumes, the way students should talk, and even the way they should dress during a job interview.

     They also explained how students are able to job shadow. After filling out a simple paper, students can be hosted at a job sight that they wish to learn more about. This helps give the students a deeper insight of what they want to do in the future. When students are able to job shadow, it depends on the job that they wish to observe. Job shadowing can happen during school hours, over the weekend or out of school hours during the week.

     Berninzoni and Brooks were asked whether there were restrictions to the Career Center and what students can and cannot do and they said that the Career Center cannot help a student  get a job, but it can educate students on the steps it takes to get themselves a job.

     The career center has partnered with NCHS for over 20 years and it has helped students figure out what they want and wish to do with their lives. The career center can also help students figure out a college that suits them. Thanks to the career center students are looking forward to their future and what they want with their life.