Trends change before the year ends

Changing trends bring in new things for 2019

Will Pooley, Reporter

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     Trends, defined as “a general direction in which something is developing or changing” ( have given great things to society such as the trend for science in the 1840s during the Industrial Revolution. Some trends have not been as great such as parachute pants in the 1980s. Today, there are many trends that are healthy to society as well as unhealthy ones.

     One trend seen today is a  rise in social movements. More and more teenagers and young adults are pushing initiatives such as the “March For Our Lives” movement that pushes lawmakers to make gun control policies. Many school walkouts have taken place to show support for this movement.

     Along with the trends in social movements are the trends in clothing. Websites such as The Independent state that multiple clothing lines are beginning to discontinue the use of “boys” and “girls” clothing sections. One company, Wildfang, markets loose unfitted clothing and is creating clothes for comfort rather than style. This form of clothing is being adopted not just by other companies, but by the public, with women and men wearing a mix of gender specific clothing. This expanse of non-gender specific clothing is becoming a positive trend in the world

     Another positive trend of this generation is the trend of creating and improving technology. One technology that has been created and is being improved is virtual reality (V.R.). Many consider the future of gaming to be the creation of virtual worlds for people to explore. V.R. is becoming more than just a trend because of the exciting possible changes being implemented in gaming and modern media as a whole that could shift how people perceive news and games in interesting ways (

     Sony Interactive Entertainment launched the popular game Fortnite in September of 2017 and it’s popularity has grown exponentially. As of this printing, over 200 million users play online. According to DMR Business Statistics, the average player spends 6-8 hours per week playing the game. They also estimate that 35 percent of students skip classes to play Fortnite 60 percent of the players are 18 – 24 years old.

     It’s also important to note that some trends can be very dangerous. There are websites available to make parents aware of the dangerous trends students can become caught up in. It’s important to use wise judgment when encountering a new trend in order to remain safe. As Dwight Schrute says, “Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, “Would an idiot do that?” And if they would, I do not do that thing.” Words to live by.