Golf season review

With golf season wrapping up, it was truly a birdy

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Golf season review

Phoenix Bounds, Reporter

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     The 2018 spring golf season was filled with exciting moments and thrilling finishes all the way from the beginning to the very end; One could say that this golf season was a hole in one. The golf team started its season in late April against a Laramie team in Laramie on Apri, 20, 2018. The team played six away tournaments then went on an off season after the tournament in Riverton on May 12th.

     The new season opened up on August 9th against Cody in Cody, where the boys varsity team had strong performances from Caden Bertagnole and Braden Barr that pushed the team higher up the leaderboard and helped them secure the fourth place spot. For the Varsity Girls they were backed by the strong performance of Rossi Brownell. They strived for the win and although they played a really solid game, they end up in third.

     Moving on to the second tournament of the new year on August 13, the Mustangs went to battle eight other teams where they struggled throughout the event and ended up placing sixth due to only having Caden Bertagnole placing within the top 15 with a score of 165.

     The weekend for the girls team was a whole different story; the team placed 2nd out of six teams that attended and had 3 that finished within the top 15. The team showed strength and determination and had Sarah Galles place fourth at the event.      On August 30th the boys and girls team traveled to Rawlins to take on 10 other teams from across the state. The boys team again struggled and finished seventh, but there were some bright spots for the team with Ian Iselin finishing in the the 11th spot along with Isaac Spear who finished 21st.

     The weekend for the girls team was on par to their prior performance where they finished 2nd but this time coming in at 3rd place right behind Laramie and Torrington. Cami Langley finished in third with a score of 98 for the first round and a score of 90 for the second round which resulted in a final score of 188 to give her the third place finish.

     The 4A golf state championship was held in Cheyenne where Caden Bertagnole with a score of 83 in the first round and a score of 81 in the second round to secure the 16th place spot with a score of 164, followed by Braden Barr with his score of 177 to earn his 23rd place spot out of 54 golfers at the event. The girls team had Sarah Galles tied for first with a score of 164 just 1 stroke out of the lead where she was tied with two other competitors. The event was a success for the NC girls and boys teams.