A bigger look into clubs at NC

What’s going on with the clubs at NC?

Connor Vosbein, Reporter

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      Clubs are important things for students because they allow them to go to a place and meet people with the same interest. Make a move with Chess Club sponsored by Mr. Myers. He sponsored the club because he believes that students should learn how to play chess. They focus on having fun and teaching the members focus and patience in a calm environment. They meet in the library after school on Wednesdays, 3:30 to 4:30.

     Next is a brand new club; Dungeons and Dragons. sponsored by Mr. Arellano. Members play a role playing game in which they journey from dungeon to dungeon, slaying monsters. The roll of the die decides your fate. Also it’s a safe place for fellow Dungeon and Dragon players to play a game they enjoy and meet new people. “A sanctuary,” said the vice-president.

     DECA is sponsored by Ms. Williams and they focus on preparing students for the future. They also help run the school store. They sell candygrams at the school store for one dollar. They meet in room 2018 after school.

     Meet people in Diversity Club, sponsored by Mr. Mat Crabb. They focus on people and getting to know one another and celebrating differences.

     Clubs provide activities students all love to attend. There seems to be a club for everything and everybody.        

     Chess Club has a new sponsor, Carl Meyers. The previous sponsor, Ms. Gray, loved the club but admits she wasn’t very good at it. Myers said, “I remember playing this game with my brother all the time.”

     Diversity Club: Mat Crabb is sponsoring the club because he believes in providing a safe environment for people to talk and not be judged or harassed. “We all have our quirks but we all belong.” Crabb said.

     Video Game Club: sponsored by Mrs. Monzon Pas. She sponsored the club because she believed they needed a home. They play different games on a variety of systems that the president brings in. As of now, they play games on the Playstation 4 and the Gamecube and many others. They mostly play multi-multiplayer games, so at least 4 can play at a time. They are always open to new suggestions. They meet on Tuesdays after school for one hour.

     Science Club: Learn how the world works. They meet in room 1133 after school. They do multiple experiments and have a good time.

     Anime Club: Jump into the worlds of fantasy with Anime club, with new sponsor Mrs. Gosnell. Last year’s sponsor Mr. Kiester has passed the club down. He is now coaching midget football in his spare time. Anime Club meets on Wednesdays after school in Gosnell’s room from 3:30 to 4:30. They watch many different anime’s and occassionally hold parties in which members can dress up in cosplay. The president of Anime Club had some things to tell us to show us a little about the club.

     “Anime Club is a place for people to gather and watch something they enjoy.” The president said that he is hoping to introduce anime to curious people and newcomers alike.

     These are a few of the clubs as of now but if you have any confusion talk to the sponsors. They are always happy to have new members to share their same likes and ambitions. Talk to a sponsor or club member and get involved today.