Loved musicians who have left us too soon

The void left behind when a beloved artist leaves the world

Aiden Foley, Reporter

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In recent years, there have been many celebrity deaths, many of whom are loved musicians who were loved deeply by their fans. Their music brought them lots of fame; some of them couldn’t take the spotlight, and others used it for the greater good; some donating the money they earned to charities, while others’ music helped people through difficult times in life. Sometimes the artist’s music helps the artist through hard times in their life as well.

First up is, Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy aka XxxTentaction. His music style included, Hip-hop, Lo-fi, Emo Rap, Alternative Rock, Trap Music, Alternative R&B and, Mumble Rap. His most popular song is ‘SAD!’ from the 2018 album titled ‘?’. He became popular through his music and the podcast streaming platform SoundCloud, where rappers and singers who feel they aren’t talented enough to make it big in the music industry go to make their music. He was born in Plantation, Florida, on January 23rd, 1988, and died at 20, June 18th, 2018. The cause of death was murder.  “His music is absolutely phenomenal and the lyrics are very relatable. A few of X’s songs have gotten me through really dark times and helped me get through my best friend’s death and other things like that. It showed me even if rough stuff is thrown at you, there is still good in the world. When I heard he was dead I was very upset and cried a lot. I was in denial until the cops confirmed it.”

     Malcolm James McCormick  Mac Miller’s music style was mainly, Hip-hop and his most popular song is “Donald Trump” from the 2011 album, ‘Blue Side Park’. He signed a label with, ‘Rostrum Records’ and when ‘Blue Side Park’ debuted he became a national star overnight. He was born in Pennsylvania on January 19, 1992 and died at 26, September 7th, 2018. The cause of death was suspected accidental drug overdose. Senior Kalysta Kurtz said, “His lyrics related to me and helped me through hard times, and when I found out about his death I was heartbroken. It was a stab in the chest and I thought it was a scam until people started to write about it. I wasn’t surprised by his cause of death considering he talked about doing drugs all the time, but I prayed to God it wouldn’t happen, but inevitably it happened. My favorite song by him is probably “Best Day Ever.”

     Next is, Tim Bergling aka Avicii, a Swedish musician whose main music genres were Electronic dance, Progressive House and Electro. His most popular song is, ‘Wake Me Up’ from his 2013 album titled, ‘True’. His song ‘Levels’ from his ‘True’ album blew up and made him an EDM (Electronic dance music) sensation. He was even called the “Poster boy of EDM”. He was born in Stockholm, Sweden on September 8th, 1989, and died at 28, April 20th, 2018, cause of death was suicide.

     Next up is from 2017, he was loved by many and his death hit a lot of people, Gustav Elijah Åhr aka Lil Peep, his music style was, Emo rap, Cloud rap, Alternative R&B and, Trap music. His most popular song is his single, ‘Star Shopping’. He’s most known for being a part of the “post-emo revival style of hip-hop.” Midwestern emo revival, and fourth wave emo is an underground emo movement which came about in the early 2010s. Groups of the emo revival largely abandon the style of mid 2000s emo in favor of a style influenced by that of 1990s emo acts. He was born November 1, 1996, and died at 21,  November 17, 2017, of accidental drug overdose.

     Now onto another death from 2018: mother of three, lead singer of The Cranberries, Dolores O’Riordan. The Cranberries got together in 1989 and disbanded in 2003 managing to release 5 albums in that time, then they reunited again in 2009 after Dolores’s solo career from 2003 to 2014. After they reunited, they released another album in 2012 titled ‘Roses’. Their most popular song is from their 1994 album, ‘No Need To Argue’ and it is “Zombie.” When the band embarked on a tour supporting ‘Suede’ which caught the attention of MTV (Music Television) gaining them some popularity and putting their videos in heavy rotation.

     A new acoustic Cranberries album titled ‘Something Else’ was released in 2017 and shortly afterwards announced they were going on tour, visiting Europe, parts of the UK, and North America. Unfortunately, they had to cancel the remainder of the European dates due to O’Riordan’s health, their website saying “medical reasons associated with a back problem”. They had to cancel the American tour dates because her health did not progress enough in order for her to participate. She was born in Ballybricken, Caherelly, Republic of Ireland on September 6, 1971, and died unexpectedly at 46 on January 15, 2018. Cause of death was accidental drowning due to alcohol intoxication.

     All of the losses in these past few years of beloved actors, actresses, musicians, their work, and all the love people had for them will not be forgotten. All their work will go down in history with their fans and supporters.