Self-improvement during quarantine

    Since everyone is in quarantine, or at least somewhat, it is natural that you have plenty of time to yourself nowadays . Have you ever wanted to disappear for a short while, come back, and introduce a new and improved version of you? Now is the perfect time to do just that!

    One of the most important things you can do for yourself to glow-up is improve your health. This means nutrition and exercise. Nutrition is crucial to your health. Making sure you have a healthy, balanced diet that suits your needs can have a huge positive impact on your wellbeing. A good book recommendation that can be a guide is Superhero Nutrition by Steve Zim. It has plenty of tips and even healthy meal plans, including desserts. 

This next one should go without saying: drink plenty of water. It can prevent you from overeating, clear your skin, and so much more. Exercise is also vital, especially since nobody can really go anywhere. This is where the internet can be your best friend. There are plenty of YouTube channels out there with at home workouts, no equipment necessary.

    Another brilliant way to glow-up in quarantine is to pamper yourself. There are so many DIY things out there for face masks, nail care, etc.  Also, take this time to declutter your life. Clean your house, organize school books, make your bed, go through photos and delete some, clean out your closet, sell old clothes and make some extra cash on the side. There are so many ways, and you will feel way better and clearer for it. There is a fantastic documentary called Minimalism that is very inspiring and has great tips on living a less cluttered and stressful life. It’s on Netflix.

    Strengthen a weakness. What are some insecurities or fears you have?  Find a way to overcome and improve these.  Are you bad at public speaking? Find ways to change that. Watch Ted Talks, listen to podcasts, google it. Make a promise to yourself to improve and strengthen your weaknesses and come out of quarantine an improved and more confident you. Read books. Expand your mind. Journal your goals. You are 42% more likely to achieve a goal if you write it down. Invest in yourself. Learn a new language or skill. Take up a new hobby. Self-study a topic you care about. Duolingo and YouTube are great ways to learn something new.

     And remember, throughout all the chaos, be patient with yourself. You are doing amazing!